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D3 is owned by Kayla Boisvert, an education consultant who supports social change organizations to achieve results that matter to the people who matter.

Kayla has over 15 years of experience in education, social work, and research. She brings methodological expertise in child-friendly, arts-based, and participatory research methods, and technical expertise in alternative and accelerated education, gender, and crisis and conflict.

Kayla has worked with organizations in Sierra Leone, Mozambique, Uganda, Guatemala, Iraq, Kenya, Nepal, Brazil, Ecuador, and the US. She speaks English, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Why the name D3 for Change?

D3 stands for "data, design, & development."

D3 was created with the belief that when working in complex, dynamic environments, catalyzing social change can be challenging. Organizations use all kinds of data—from traditional M&E to continuous feedback loops, from "rigorous" evidence to local expertise—in order to design and develop their programs over time. D3 will support your organization in that journey.